Beginner Routine 3

These videos are reference material for our students only, always seek professional instruction / lessons prior to attempting any dance move.

Dance Tip 'The Importance of Stepping back '

Stepping  back on one foot is  the key to Modern Jive.  All dances have fundamentals that make that dance work, one used in Modern Jive is the stepping back on one foot.   Modern Jive is a freestyle dance like no other, 100's of moves can be joined in virtually any order, however  Modern Jive still needs some structure for the dance to work  effectively.  All moves are taught by stepping back on one foot at the start of a move, therefore all moves should finish  by  stepping back on one foot - its our the  and the common factor all moves should have.  Stepping back also provides tension & compression in the hands - required for lead and follow, and helps both dancers especially the guys keep their timing.  When beginner dancers  get the technique correct the dance suddenly starts to work and moves join smoothly.


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