The Dance Evening

The LeRoc evening starts with a beginners lesson (normally four moves) that last for three quarters of an hour. Then there is half hour dancing before the Intermediate lesson starts. The Intermediate lesson is a little more tricky but fun and complete beginners are encourage to participate, this lesson normally last about half an hour.  The end of the night is a freestyle dance.  

Both lessons and dancing is included in the admission fee of 5 

We have dance coaches and Instructors in the hall, who are there for beginners to dance with during freestyle.  These dancers are here to help and assist.

Extra Instruction.  LeRoc is great fun and within the first five weeks your will have learnt around 20 Basic moves and numerous Intermediate moves. Leroc is easy to learn and very addictive, and a lot of people wish to learn faster. 

We run two Beginners / Improvers workshops (A & B). This is where a small group of beginners will concentrate on getting the moves right, the correct way to turn, spin and other footwork. We also add a couple of improver moves and a little bit of style. 

Why is it? that when some people do the same move, it looks so much better than when others do it -the answer is Style. Because we spend more time on each move we can also spend time making it look stylish.

Workshops.  As well as the beginner / improver workshops we have a continuous workshop program,  Including Intermediate moves,  Drops and Seduces, Tag & Double Trouble, The Blues (can be very close (Sexy), dedicated partners optional), Dirty Dancing, as well as Leroc Tango and Style workshops.



Contact:     Tel: 0774 034 8973   


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