Dance Moves

There are around 20 main beginner moves, and all these moves should be covered a couple of times in any ten week period.  At the end of the night you should have learnt four beginner moves in a routine and be able to dance them to music. We play a variety of music, our teaching methods mean you will be able to dance to most music - not just that with a regular heavy beat.

 Beginners Moves:               

The Basic,                 Octopus,                     Wurlitzer,                         

Left handed comb,   Arm Jive,                     Man-Spin, 

Catapult,                  Side to Side                  Sway, 

Lady Spin                 The Basic Push Spin,  Step Through, 

Shoulder slide,         Hatch-Back                  Arm Jive Push Spin,

Yo-Yo,                       Right Hand Comb,       The Basket,

Back-Pass                 Bar  Push                     Half Windmill

 Improver, Intermediate & Advance Moves: 

LeRoc is evolving with new moves being developed all the time, there is estimated to be between four and seven hundred moves and variations of moves.  Leroc is unique in that it also has different styles, and can be dance at completely different speeds.  Some people dance a style that is still very 'Lindy', similar to what the dance probably looked like in the early days of the 1990's. However more and  more the dance is evolving and taking on a Latin style.  It's starting to look very stylish and more ballroom and Latin moves are been modified and introduced.  The Blues (a very slow - very sexy style of Leroc) and Leroc Tango (again very sexy) are becoming more  popular with the more experienced dancers and especially with couples.  There are now two variations in the dance where three people are able to dance together.  The first is 'Double trouble' (one man dances with two women), secondly is 'Tag' where the lady dances and changes partners throughout the dance often without the lady initially realizing what is going on.  

Dirty Dancing Demo (slower than normal LeRoc)



"Just Listen to the Music, Interpret and Dance "

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