Left Handed Comb

These videos are reference material for our students only, always seek professional instruction / lessons prior to attempting any dance move.

Dance Tip 'Adding Style '

Adding style can dramatically change the look of Modern Jive, however itís not just about the man or lady  being creative and doing his/her own thing, this would break the structure of the dance and creates dancers that are difficult (and unpopular) to dance with.  Whenever a man or a lady adds style to a move it should not take up addition counts of music.  For example; a ĎFirst move Basicí has 8 counts, it should always have 8 counts, you can't have a lady dancing a basic with 10 counts and the man dancing it correctly to 8.  It stops the dance flowing smoothly and breaks the structure to the dance and the dancer becomes difficult to dance with, (although the dancer may look good) experienced dancers find them hard to dance with.  Cuban motion is an example of styling that can be used in Modern Jive.  There are times in the dance where the guy hands the lead over to the lady or she can sabotage a move and take the lead, although these occasions should not be to excessive, at these time often the lady can be creative - whilst the guys often stands and weights.  If you want to know if styling is going to work, dance it to a beginner move.  If it doesn't affect your partners dance the odds are it will work in freestyle.


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