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Fun Partner Dance

Easy to learn Dance Classes!   Great Fun!   Fantastic exercise!

Dance Lessons every Thursday at the Grosvenor Ballroom Liscard, Wallasey on the Wirral

Beginners start every week - Turn up & register before 20:00hrs

Learn to dance with Johnny & Hazel at Leroc Merseyside members of the UKA, teaching at the UK's number 1 venues, and events. 

The Worlds modern partner dance that can be danced to Modern Music

A great social night out - singles & couples welcome 

MODERN JIVE on the Wirral

Click here to for information & demonstrations.


weekly dance classes in Liscard - Grosvenor Ballroom

or call 0774 034 8973

LeRoc is a form of a modern partner dance that is danced throughout the UK, most commonly known as Modern Jive.  Modern Jive is extremely social and is taught by many organizations trading under different names ie: Le Jive, Salsa Jive, Modern Jive, Ceroc TM, and many others.  The dance classes our taught in a modern, friendly and social way that allows singles and couples to learn to dance a partner dance whilst having fun.



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